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The Importance of Podcasting & How to Get Started

Have you been thinking about starting a podcast? Learn the importance of podcasting and how to get started with our latest videocast!

Jeremy Tyler, the Founder & CEO of Xceptional, and Hilda Labrada Gore, Host of the Wise Traditions Podcast and Co-author of Podcasting Mad Simple, talk about the importance of podcasting in today’s digital age and how to get your very own podcast started.

Hilda shares her Top 3 Tips for getting your podcast off the ground and gaining traction FAST (10:30) and how to get your podcast on top podcasting platforms like Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and many more!

Jeremy asks questions on how to be a great host (15:55) and how Hilda found success with the Wise Traditions Podcast.

We hope that you feel inspired to start your very own podcast. If you have questions or would like to check out any of the references from the video feel free to connect with the links below!

Links from Today’s Show!

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Xceptional is a Digital Advertising agency based out of Hudson, WI, that works with Health, Wellness, and Hospitality startups. Xceptional was founded in 2014 by Jeremy Tyler, the Founder & CEO of Xceptional. Today, Xceptional has a fast growing team of creative marketing & business development professionals that are passionate about building relationships and leveraging creativity, innovation, and expertise to serve client goals.

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