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Top Tips to Make Your Business Standout in a Crowded Market

Whether you’re an established company or a brand-new business, competition is fierce. With newcomers in nearly every industry looking to disrupt the status-quo, it’s vital that you learn how to break through the noise and reach consumers.

Creating a brand that is differentiated and unique from the others in your market is no easy task. Aside from developing a product or service that benefits your target segment, here are some tips to help your brand standout in a crowded industry:

Find your identity

Messaging is just as important as the product, service, or brand you’re representing. The wrong messaging can have even the best products falling flat. Take the time to develop brand positioning – the unique value that a brand presents to its customers.

Your brand’s identity is unlike any other, lean into what makes your brand different and emphasize that. For example, do you sell clothing that is sustainably sourced and made, yet still on-trend? Make this the forefront of your identity. This will allow you to better connect with your audience and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Engage with your community

Once you’ve found your identity as a brand and reached your target segment it’s important to interact with the community you’ve built. Your audience will remember how your brand made them feel, good or bad. Small interactions go a very long way in setting your product/service a part – the personal connection you make with your community builds brand loyalty and repeat customers.

Use simple techniques like responding to social media messages, sharing customer images/reviews, contests, etc. to build a relationship with your audience. If you’re not sure how to identify your target segment, read here to learn more about it.

Stay current

This is pretty on the nose, especially for fashion, home goods, and wellness brands. Keep up with current trends and put your own spin on them for that extra flair and differentiation. Not only will this position you as a unique vendor, but one with expertise that can be used to inspire and influence your audience.

For other brands, staying current can mean updating all web platforms and trying emerging social media trends. The more effort you put into keeping with the times, the more relevant you will be to your audience. Plus, it acts as an easy way to stay top of mind and bring awareness to your business.

In the end, to stand out you need to do things differently than your competition, but without compromising your brand’s mission and identity. Lean in to what makes your brand special and keep the benefits of your service or product top of mind for the consumer.

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