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Improve top-of-mind marketing, drive more sales, and strengthen your brand, with one of the best communication channels available.

Swish Hoop Email Marketing Example
Puff Puff Glass Email Marketing Example
Swish Hoop Email Campaign


With all the digital marketing channels that exist, email is still one of the very best and almost always a must-have in your marketing stack. For starters, it is a direct communication channel to people who have often already shown interest in your business. It’s also what is considered “owned” media. Owned media is anything under your company's direct control such as websites, newsletters, catalogs, and blogs. In fact, as digital privacy concerns become a bigger topic, having your own email list (first-party data) is more important than ever.

Increase Average Lifetime Value of Customer

Increase Conversions

Improve Conversion Rate

Improve Top-of-Mind Marketing

Strengthen Your Brand

Stay In Front of Existing Customers


To execute this strategy we first get an understanding of your brand. Who your target audience is, what your service or product is, and what we want to communicate. Then we go to work creating an email strategy, email templates, and email marketing calendar. Depending on your industry we typically implement email best practices such as welcome email workflows, and eCommerce email workflows as well. Once we have this foundation established we will implement additional strategies such as list management and A/B testing to improve Key Performance Indicators such as open rate, click rate, and conversions.

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