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Get in front of potential customers at the exact moment they are looking for your product or service.

Swish Hoop Google Ads by Xceptional
Swish Hoop Paid Ads by Xceptional


Many times when people are in the market for a specific product or service they will most often begin their journey with an internet search such as Google or Bing. This creates a great opportunity to get in front of new potential customers as well as customers they may already be aware of your brand.

Increase Purchases

Increase Lead Generation

Increase Targeted Website Traffic

Retarget Warm Audiences


To execute this strategy we first get an understanding of your brand's goals. In addition, we get an understanding of whether people are actively searching for your product or service. If so, we move to the next step to get an understanding of related keywords, the search volume of those keywords as well as estimated cost per click. This helps us determine if it is a viable strategy. If determined yes, we deploy strategies that include search and display advertising on networks like Google and Bing.

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