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Marketing Trends to Try in 2023

As one year closes, another year begins. And just as sure as the calendar year will change over, we can be sure that the way we market to our clients will evolve as well. Each new year brings new trends, style, and ways to market our goods and services.

Adapting to these new trends is crucial to help differentiate your brand in a crowded space and keep your services top of mind for consumers in market. Here are three trends to take advantage of in 2023:

1. Make it personal

In 2022 we saw that companies that put a personal touch on their marketing tactics reaped the rewards. That’s because people love when companies make things about them. It’s not exactly a new idea in marketing, but it’s very effective in creating brand loyalty.

For instance, through programmatic targeting, customer relationship management (CRM), and artificial intelligence, you can learn the buying behaviors of consumers in your market. Use this information to develop personalized messaging in email and social campaigns.

Let’s not forget the power of personalized packaging as well. If you have the means, unique packaging and a “handwritten” thank you bring life to your business. It allows the consumer to see beyond the service and appreciate the people behind it. You get bonus points for sustainable packaging – a topic many consumers are passionate about.

2. Short-form video

This trend is staying hot! There’s no denying the power of video and the immersive experience it provides to consumers.

For those in the fashion industry, consider using video to showcase your products through “virtual” try-ons. These short, but informative clips can show different body-types in similar articles of clothing, provide style tips, and so much more. Think of it like test-driving a car, but all from your social media platforms and website.

It goes without saying that if you’re not creating video content on social media, you’re already behind. But you can catch up in 2023 – try these Tiktok tips for your business!

3. Design with younger generations in mind

Millennials and Gen Z are the dominant generational groups actively in the consumer market today. That means your business needs to fit the experience they want. Millennials are more likely to shop online and research the products and services they want first before making that purchasing decision.

Use research and focus groups to better understand your customer segments and what they desire in a shopping experience. Revamp your search engine optimization (SEO) to better reflect the search terms of your audience. Even consider adapting your website to better align with the expected shopping flow of these young consumers. If you’re having trouble knowing if these young generations are right for your product or service, learn how to identify your target audience with these tips.

Keep in mind that marketing is all about trial and error. Stay flexible in your tactics and keep the customer at the center of everything you do.

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