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Marketing Automation: Why Is It So Important, and How Do You Implement It?

Marketing is a lot more complicated now than it was before the internet came around. As you can probably imagine, the invention of the internet has positively impacted business growth in ways that were inconceivable just a couple of decades ago.

However, with so many ways to communicate with clients and customers online, it can be hard to keep up. Implementing marketing automation into your business can help you keep up with online marketing while also lightening your team’s workload.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation refers to software and other technologies that help businesses become more effective in online marketing. By implementing marketing automation into your business, you can trigger certain things to happen either at a specific time or after a predetermined action takes place.

For example, you can have your Facebook account automatically post at noon on Friday when most of your followers are online. Or, you can automatically send an email to your potential client or customer as soon as they hit the subscribe button on your website.

There are so many reasons why a business should implement at least some type of marketing automation into its current marketing strategy. First off, marketing automation helps nurture your relationship with both existing and potential clients/customers. It will also drastically lighten the workload of your team, which will give you more time to focus on the bigger picture.

How Do You Implement Marketing Automation

Now that you are familiar with marketing automation and why it is so important, let’s talk about how to implement it.

Three common marketing automation solutions are sending triggered emails through email automation, including a chatbot on your website, and making use of social media scheduling tools.

1. Send Triggered Emails Through Email Automation

No matter what kind of business you run, your website probably has interactive content like a contact form or subscription box.

With email automation, you can email someone as soon as they submit a form, subscribe to your blog, make a purchase, or download content. In addition you can create email drip campaigns which is a sequenced set of emails that bring a customer/client through a specific journey. Typically with the intent to push them further down the sales funnel.

2. Include A Chatbot On Your Website

Including a chatbot on your website helps you engage in conversation with site visitors without being present. A chatbot is a window that pops up when a visitor lands on your website. The chatbot displays an open-ended question to which the visitor can respond by typing in the message box. The chatbot then processes the information and responds appropriately.

There are many options that allow you to customize a chatbot for your website. Two notable chatbox software are Zendesk and Intercom.

Chatbots help convert website viewers into customers and clients. Plus, you don’t even have to lift a finger to do so!

3. Make Use Of Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social media scheduling tools exist for virtually every social media platform out there. These tools allow you to grow your social media presence while spending less time on social media. You can plan all of your social media posts for the week or month in one sitting and schedule a date and time for each post.

Planable is a well-trusted social media scheduling tool that makes content creation fast and simple. With Planable, you no longer have to log onto social media every day of the week, which gives you so much more time to focus on your business goals.

Implement Marketing Automation Into Your Business Today

Marketing automation allows you to do much more with less effort, so you can start focusing on the bigger picture and making your business goals come true. By following these tips, you can streamline your marketing approach and steadily improve your business growth for the future.

Integrate an automated approach into your marketing strategy so you can work smarter, not harder, and focus on what matters to you.

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