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How To Take Advantage Of Viral Topics

Taking advantage of a viral topic is an excellent way for small businesses to launch themselves to success. By paying attention to the latest news on social media, small businesses can develop marketing strategies that can massively increase their online traffic and profits.


Finding out the latest viral topic is as simple as logging in to your Twitter or Facebook account and looking at the most popular posts and hashtags. If you notice a trending topic that is relevant to your business, you can use it as an opportunity to develop a marketing strategy and grow your business.

For example, consider #Tendies4Yall on Twitter. What started as a hashtag about the recent stock market events ended up becoming the perfect opportunity for Popeyes® to jump on the bandwagon and advertise a deal on chicken tenders.

Part of your research should also include studying the demographics of your customers. You need to make sure that you choose a topic and platform that appeals to your customers. If your business caters to the elderly, for example, then you probably wouldn’t get much out of a viral Twitter hashtag.

If you need to find a viral topic and marketing strategy that does not require an online presence, then your best bet is to watch for significant world or national events like election news, sports games, or other current events. This type of information can spread without the Internet, so capitalizing on these events can be advantageous if your target demographic isn’t online.

Apply What You’ve Learned

After you’ve researched trending topics related to your business or brand, you need to apply what you’ve learned to your marketing strategies. Now that you know your target demographics and have a trending topic in mind, work with your marketing team to develop a strategy to expand your business.

If you develop your marketing strategies based on the latest trending topics, you need to work quickly to keep your content relevant and appropriate. Trending topics can change in the blink of an eye, and something that people loved a day ago could be entirely replaced by something new the next day.

If you aren’t able to develop a full marketing strategy, taking advantage of a viral topic can be as simple as making relevant comments on popular posts or sharing content. Avoid sharing random posts, videos, or images without context. Build on the content you share to help make it relevant to your business.

You can also use what you’ve learned to help create your own viral content. You should make a creative hashtag that’s specific to your business and pay attention to the kinds of things people like to share. Don’t go overboard and make obvious attempts to pander to an audience — instead, make relevant, high-quality content for the best shot at going viral.


By taking advantage of viral topics, small businesses can dramatically increase their profits and expand. Building out this sort of content not only increases engagement, but builds brand loyalty as well.

Finding the latest viral topics can take a little bit of research and tech-savvy, but the results will make an effort more than worth it.

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