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Branding PrimalHacker

PrimalHacker came to be because of two individuals who felt the large disconnect seen between some of those in the biohacking field and those in the ancestral health field. Thaddeus Owen and Chris James were both inspired after learning and practicing biohacking themselves that they wanted to start a company that not only was the hub for all biohackers alike, but also for new members to learn from their blogs and courses how to healthily practice biohacking. After seeing lots of success with their previous blog about biohacking, they decided to take the next step into pioneering the first learning platform and certifications to becoming a biohacker.

The two founders Thaddeus, and Chris come from a background of nature, science, and life experience–the perfect combination to lead this company. Thaddeus holds a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and has also studied Chemical Engineering. He has experience working in the pharmaceutical field and is a certified Bulletproof coach. Chris has a wealth of knowledge based from a serious accident where he spent time researching and studying ways to heal himself through biohacking. Chris is also a certified Bulletproof coach.

Both Thaddeus and Chris enjoy spending time immersed in nature with their children, practicing martial arts, and exploring ways to improve aspects of their lives through biohacking.

Creative Direction

Being that PrimalHacker is a very unique and individual company, we wanted to make sure the brand stood alone and spoke the ideals through its visual representation. All the decisions made regarding the entirety of the brand were made with the attributes, and ideals in mind. It was our goal to convey a natural and symbolic representation of the company to voice the feel of the brand. The distressed and neutral color palette emits an organic and natural theme which was important to incorporate into the design. The pairing of the photography and natural elements of the earth corresponds with the logo and creates an image unique to the company and to set the bar for the biohacking industry.

Vision & Strategy

It was evident from our initial discovery meeting that PrimalHacker would be a company that pioneers the path for biohackers to follow. There was so much untapped potential in this avenue where science and nature collided. Since biohacking is a relatively new field of study and practice, we were able to lay out framework that really had no restrictions or guidelines. We were able to create content and formulate plans to build on that would uncover the topics and teaching of this lifestyle and in the process learn a lot about it ourselves. We collaborated through the entire process with Thaddeus and Chris, the owners, to create a blueprint that would change the way people think about biohacking and how they will have access to resources and learning materials through this company.


When creating a design and brand for PrimalHacker, it was a different process than usual. Since this was a company that was creating something that had never been done before, we had the freedom to dream up exactly what we wanted without being put into a box by the industry. We were given reference materials that represented a teaching, rather than an image. It was important for the logo to convey a natural element as biohacking involves being one with nature. We used the organic aspects of nature to create a distressed and grunge effect on the logo, and also from this thought, we found a typeface that suited the unevenness of the earth. The icon within the logo system was inspired by the ideals within the biohacking sphere. We incorporated three elements that were representative of the biohacker–an eye, the sun and a tree; each representing a teaching within biohacking. The colors chosen to compliment the design were inspired by the technological and scientific side of biohacking.


The website created for PrimalHacker was the largest undertaking for the brand. It was imperative that we created a platform that was styled in the theme of the brand and also equally user friendly. We incorporated features like a blog, email list, twitter feed and a dynamic “about us” section that kept the company current and stylish. We are also developing an educational platform that will be finished during phase 2 of this project, so the purpose of the current site was for people to gather information, sign up for the upcoming courses, and to read about the biohacking world through the blog.


We tracked the browser and code settings of the website to ensure all the features were working properly and also ran the site through our analytics setup to capture the site user data. We also tested the contact forms for response errors and ran the designed template through our system for blogging and sending out email newsletters.


It was at this step we also included PrimalHacker’s social media presence by creating new facebook, instagram, twitter and google pages that were consistent with the brand name and style. We lifted the acess restrictions, and submitted the website to go live and to be found on search engines. We also put the website through a Domain Name System (DNS) configuration, and secured the site from spam and hacking.


Naming Service/Trademarking

Website Design/Development

Logo Design

Business Card Design

E-Book Design

T-shirt Design

Fully Managed Services

G-Suite (Google Apps for Work)

Check our their website to sign up for courses and to receive their free e-book “Biohacking 101”.

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