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6 Halloween Marketing Ideas for Your Local Business

Halloween is a time of year when customers go into a buying frenzy. It marks the unofficial start of the impending Holiday season, and savvy shoppers are ready to save on their holiday purchases. Additionally, candy, pumpkins, costumes, and fall-themed merchandise are at the top of many customer lists.

If your business wants to get in on this fast-paced period of consumer buying, take a look at these marking ideas to put your local business on the top of the list for local shoppers.

Host a Fall- or Halloween-Themed Event

There is no better way to draw traffic into your store than to host a Halloween event or fall-themed open house. Invite other local vendors whose goods and services don’t compete with your own, break out some snacks and drinks, and hire a DJ or invite a local radio station to stop by. Be sure to promote your event on social media pages and in other local businesses.

Decorate Your Heart Out

If you aren’t keeping up with the seasons, your local business is already behind the competition. Decorating can be as easy or complicated as you want it. If you are the type who prefers to DIY your Halloween decorations, go to Pinterest or Tik Tok for some great ideas.

However, you can also outsource your decorating to a local company too. For example, research a local window painter or sign specialist you could use for services.

Create or Purchase Themed Products to Sell

Get into the spirit of the Halloween season by doing your shop up in decorations from this October-based holiday. So string up the skeletons, put out the pumpkins, and place ghosts on all of your merchandise. Depending on the types of goods you sell, Halloween-themed decor and snacks pair and sell well together.

Attend Local Harvest Festivals

Nothing screams Halloween like the caramel apples and pumpkin chucking you can find at your local harvest festival. You can add to the fun of the fright and boost your sales by setting up a booth at one of these events.

You’ll get a ton of foot traffic, meet some prospective customers, and have some fun in a holiday-themed setting by setting up a booth at a festival near or far. Go to as many as you want to increase the likelihood of sales, as long as it makes sense financially.

Welcome Trick-Or-Treaters Into Your Business

Many local communities have a trunk-or-treat or the main event throughout the city that businesses can participate in. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of a local event that could get your name out and draw some business too!

By offering treats at your store, people might come who never would have before, opening up your audience.

Dress Up And Allow Staff To Do the Same

What’s the fun in Halloween events if you don’t get into it, too? Show your spirit by dressing up and allowing your staff to dress up, too! You can even offer discounts for certain costumes, different hourly specials, or coupons for those who visit your store in costume.

No matter what you decide to do, be sure to make it fun, but get those sales, too!

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