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How Often Should I Post on Different Social Media Sites?

How often you post on different social media sites can directly impact the overall effectiveness of a marketing campaign, and how quickly your online presence expands. A good rule of thumb is to stay consistent, no matter the amount of content you’re putting online.

Doing so not only helps to expand your brand and build brand loyalty, but also can be a powerful promotional force for your product or service.


LinkedIn is the world’s most popular network for professionals in any field. Posting on LinkedIn is a great way to attract new talent to your business, or market your service or product to professional clientele. Posting on LinkedIn is very similar to posting on Facebook, but your content should generally take a more polished tone. You can also post longer pieces on LinkedIn, like blog posts or articles from your business.

Generally, try to post about once per day on LinkedIn for the best results, or more sparingly if your content is longer. Everything you put on LinkedIn should meet quality checks and be free of grammar and spelling errors. If you want to work with qualified professionals, you need to make sure your content itself is professional.


Facebook is the best place to create targeted ads and posts for your customer base. Facebook ads can help you target specific demographics with your posts that can boost engagement and drive sales. The best businesses interact with customers in the comments to help build a brand reputation.

Depending on the type of content you’re producing, you can change how often you post on Facebook. Ads should be produced sparingly and should correlate with the launch of new services or products offered by your business. Things like business-related memes or short posts can be shared several times a day and can help you interact with your customers.


Twitter is the best place to post engaging, highly shareable content. Twitter limits your content to just 280 characters, so everything you share should be high-quality and well-planned. Twitter is also the only place where you should post more than one business-related piece of content every day.

Because content on Twitter is so short, you can create several Tweets to publish throughout the day that share updates about your business or help create a personality for your brand. Try to make your content easy to read and highly shareable for the best results.


Instagram is a great way to share images and videos from your business. You can use Instagram to help promote changes to your physical location, update about team members, and show off your newest services or products in action.

You should try to post on Instagram as much as once per day, but if you don’t have as much content to share, you can post as little as once a week or once every other day. If you don’t have a daily schedule for your Instagram content, you should consistently post your content on the same days of the week to maximize your viewership.


Social media is the perfect tool for expanding your business. Different social media sites are best for different content — using best practices, you should draft unique material for each platform you post to.

Avoid posting too little or inconsistently, and avoid spamming your customers with dozens of posts every day. Generally, posting once a day per social media platform is a good rule of thumb to stay consistent and avoid spam.

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