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3 Things the Olympics and Have in Common with Business

With the Olympic Games just around the corner, sports analogies are in the air everywhere in business. That is because there are so many similarities between business and the Olympics.

Many Olympians and other athletes and coaches are recruited to speak at business conferences and as motivational speakers because of this.

Of the many parallels between the two, the greatest is the root of both the Olympics and business is achieving a goal. Of course, hard work, perseverance, and good planning are important to achieving any goal. Still, in sports and business, there are more specific overarching strategies and mindsets that work almost every time.

Success Is Earned, Not Given

Being in the game does not guarantee your success. At the Olympic games, just like in business, the rewards are given to those who perform well. To receive rewards, you must invest the time, effort, and energy into what you are doing to make it successful.

Olympic athletes train for years to make it to the Olympics. They spend countless days and nights in gyms, pools, and on the track. Business requires the same consistency and dedication. Remember, the most successful businesses and projects were not built overnight. Keep adding and growing, and in time success will come.

Victory is in the Details

Sometimes the difference between gold and silver is centimeters or tenths of a second. Business success is also made in the details. You need to know all the facets of your business. Tweaking each aspect to make small improvements can add up to significant results.

For example, when you consider your finances, a small movement in the bottom line or an improvement in the accuracy of your inventory could make a big difference.

The same is true of introducing a popular new product or eliminating a poor selling item or service. Consider how much difference that one single staff member can make depending on the speed and quality of their production.

It Takes A Team

Even the best athletes in the world have teams, coaches, and trainers that help them be better. Great companies are powered by great teams, too. Depending on your specific business, it may be departments, specialists, contractors, vendors, partners, or co-workers.

Whatever the case may be, working together is a major key to success. Each piece depends on the next, and if one fails, the whole team can lose. Therefore, everyone must support each other, be reliable, and work towards that same end goal. Each team member achieves success when the overall goal is accomplished.

When teams set about achieving a goal together, be it winning an Olympic medal or giving a winning presentation, or selling a property, one of the most important things they can do together is encourage each other. Staying positive and focused brings great results in any pursuit.

Achieve Olympic-level success by working hard, paying attention to the details, and building a strong team. Just like an Olympian, the gold can be yours!

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