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Find your Groove: Thrive at Work (Yes, Enjoy Your Day Job)

Unfortunately, many of us cannot get-by working five hour weeks, and even if you love your job, sometimes we wish, well, that we didn’t have to have one!  This may not be the easiest route, so how can we enjoy the spot we spend most of our days? If you’re open to a new perspective, a few of our ideas could be the difference in drab days and those that inspire you.

Here are six of our best habits, inspired by our team of experts in every field:

1) Avoid Multitasking – and yes, that includes mindlessly scrolling Facebook and Instagram. We are seeing new studies pop up to share how, though many of us believe we are strong multitaskers, multitasking results in less efficiency and a lower quality of work. Instead, we try time-blocking. Check out Accelo [] for amazing project/time management, or try out something as simple as Google Calendar!

2) Get to know your peers/team members – Recognizing that you are all working towards the same company goal, matching its values, and taking your day to be together doing so, shines a new light on “in it together”. Why not make an effort to enjoy your company? You don’t need to spend your personal evening time out with the board, but a quick coffee break, or walk between time-blocks can remind you the importance of a community. Our team is big on Google Hangouts to share inspiring videos, and funny memes when we are not in the same office. When together, we grab seats at a meeting table and collaborate to help improve everyone’s active projects- sometimes throwing on some peaceful dubstep and grabbing tea to find a rhythm.

3) Build a vision board – Whether it’s Pinterest, print photos, or a wall of magazine cut outs (throwback to elementary art class anyone?), bring what you love to the office.

4) Fuel your mind- Water, water, water; and invest in foods best for you. There is a groundbreaking field growing an amazing correlation between an individual’s biome and his/her mental state (amongst many other things). Our team loves working with clients in support of lifestyle/functional medicine [], and we share many of the same beliefs. To clear any fog we advocate for sleep (you won’t hear us asking you to check emails just before bed- we don’t like too much blue light after being on computers most of the day), omegas, vitamin D (sunshine anyone? […]), and even an adaptogen in your daily cup of Joe (try Lion’s Mane if you’re up to it).

5)  Get comfortable- Try out an ergonomic chair cushion, move around during breaks, and even opt in for a standing desk if its available. We’ve even seen exercise balls substitute for seating- whatever works for you that gets your body out of an uncomfortable state. If you’re stuck and do get stiff, instead, check out these posture exercises- for us they work wonders []!

6) Think Big-Picture – We certainly understand getting caught up in details, getting frustrated, or plain feeling lazy. It is not always easy, but we try to remind ourselves, and eachother with patience, that we have the tools to get out of most sticky and unfavorable situations. If you work with clients, try looking to them for inspiration- the partnership can go both ways! Our clients are constantly reminding us that, something we may see as a routine task, makes all the difference in their mission; for example, a campaign [] can connect customers to amazing client resources to better their life. How cool is that?

Looking to try this out? Much respect! Share with us your tricks because we cannot claim to have come up with these all on our own- we’d love to continue to heed your advice!

Final Note: Whatever you check out, take it easy- the point is to feel better and not to add more to your long list of work to-dos!

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