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4 Best Practices for Impactful Local Marketing

Whether you’re a small business owner, or a large franchise, breaking out into local markets can be easier said than done. Growing in a local marketplace requires patience, consistency, and some creativity to experience success.

Effective digital marketing can make all the difference between fizzling out quickly or sticking around for the long haul. But what methods are the most practical and which provide the greatest opportunity for success?

To breakout in your region, try these best practices for local marketing:

1. Be easily found It seems obvious, and it is, but make sure your business can be easily found. This doesn’t just mean having a great physical location, it extends into your digital footprint. Businesses that take the time to develop an online presence via social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) and search engine profiles like Google Business Profile, reap the most reward when it comes to searches. Let’s be honest, most consumers find new companies via the Internet. By building Google and social media profiles, you are giving your business a chance to show up first (or close to) in the search rankings. The more consumers that can find your online presence, the more they will utilize your services. Keep your details up-to-date so your local audience knows where and when to find you – plus, Google Business Profile offers plenty of neat features to focus in on your target audience.

2. Create local content Immerse yourself in the community by building and sharing content that features local people, places, and events. You can develop blogs, guides, and videos featuring the local area and the people that live in it. You can dive into the hometown advantage by using favored local hashtags and location tags as well for social media. A location tag is a great way to make your business more accessible to social media users.

3. Become a sponsor If you want to win over your community then you should consider sponsoring a local sports team, event (like a 5k), or holding a fundraiser. By becoming a sponsor, you are not only supporting other local organizations, you are showing up as a leader in your community. Giving back to your region is not just great exposure, it can be extremely rewarding as a business owner.

4. Join the local Chamber of Commerce At its core, a chamber of commerce is a group of businesses that supports the interests of each of its members. These groups provide access to valuable resources, none of which is more vital than a network of like-minded business owners. Here you develop partnerships with other local businesses – increasing your audience reach and truly embedding yourself in the community.

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