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How revamping business operations and deploying a full-scale digital marketing strategy helped Under One Woof increase their revenue by 30%.

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When it comes to scaling a business and growing revenue, for serious business owners simply throwing together some marketing campaigns is not going to do the trick. Scaling a business is an art that pairs business operations, and marketing to accomplish a set goal. If these two are not working in tandem it becomes very difficult to reach your objective and increase revenue.

To help Under One Woof achieve this goal, we took a big picture approach and really got to fundamentally know the business from the ground up. Doing this enabled us to dissect what their needs were from not only a business operations perspective with things like client bookings, management, and payments, but from a marketing perspective.

Once we had this understanding it allowed us to put together a game plan that we then went out and executed. From implementing a business management software for facility-based pet services, to a complete revamp of their website with live doggy cam and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.



knowledge is power

First thing was to get a health check of the business. Things like what their current business looked like, what were they doing wrong or right, what were their goals, and then decide what would be the best approach to achieve the goals.


first impressions

Before spending marketing dollars sending people to their website, we needed to make sure it was the best it could be so we carried out a total site makeover.


the right tools

Running a business is hard enough, especially when you don’t have the right tools. To make sure the business was operating proficiently we implemented Gingr, a business management software for facility-based pet services.


getting word out

Once we knew the business, gave their website a facelift, and had the right tools, it was time to execute the marketing strategy. We used previously collected data and industry benchmarks to influence what that strategy would be and scaled it into a larger omnified strategy.

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To reach the goals of Under One Woof it was imperative we took a ground-up approach. This allowed us to uncover a game plan which we felt confident in and were able to establish a clear path forward.

By establishing this game plan we not only hit the original goals but are on our way to surpassing them.

In addition to the holistic approach large part of the success we’ve seen with Under One Woof was due to the dedication of the Under One Woof team to reaching these goals. Having this resolve and trust in the process allowed us to do our job as business and marketing professionals.

Making Under One Woof one of our biggest success stories to date and longest-running clients.


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