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Urban Air Promo Checklist

Complement corporate promotions using these strategies to increase the promotion results.

Incorporate reminder messages into your local emails

Although corporate sends out emails for system-wide promotions, when you are sending out your local emails for events, and other things happening at your park specifically, make sure to include secondary call-to-action reminders of the ongoing promotion.

Post the promo on your social media feeds

Bonus points for sharing these posts on Instagram and Facebook Stories, and Reels to get more exposure. Pro-tip: create a reel from a static image using a service like Canva to loop an image into a video. Even put some music to it.

Boost the social media posts with a reach objective to a local parent audience on Meta

This is fairly simple to do and can help you get a substantial amount of local exposure on Facebook and Instagram without that much ad spend.

Buy ad space with local and relevant family brands and websites

This can be a banner on their site, a sponsored blog post, a dedicated banner in their email or even an entire email dedicated to your message.

Partner with Influencers

Have a local influencer post about the promotion on their feed. Pro-tip: use a “Collaborative” post which will make the influencer post live on both theirs and your feed.

Partner with Parent and Mom Facebook Groups

Ask admins of relevant Facebook groups to post the promotion to the group. Having the admin make the post carries more weight than you posting it. Pro-tip: Reach out and establish a connection with these group admins in advance. This can take a little while to do.

Send out USPS Every Door Direct Mailer (EDDM) Postcards

This can be difficult sometimes due to short runaways or notifications of the promotions, but when possible this can be an effective way to increase the results and revenue from the promotion.


Through years of commitment to marketing within the family entertainment industry, we've cultivated a remarkably efficient marketing playbook, that consistently delivers impactful results. Our Hyper-Local health check evaluates your local marketing strategy, aligning it with our playbook—a comprehensive guide that we firmly believe every family entertainment business should implement to unlock its maximum growth potential.

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