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Xceptional Welcomes New Account Director – Laci Wille

Laci Wille Brings 18 Years Of Experience To Xceptional Team

Hudson, WI – July 29, 2020 – Xceptional is excited to welcome Laci Wille to our talented brand development and marketing team as our new Account Director! Wille will be responsible for guiding clients through our vast landscape of marketing services. Her role is to ensure that client partnerships with our agency are seamless and successful.

Laci is bringing 18 years of experience in marketing and strategic development to our team. Prior to Xceptional, she has found success in designing and building client marketing projects. Wille has shown exceptional achievements in sales growth and customer base expansion and has allowed companies to soar to their highest potential through strategic marketing campaigns, data analysis, and content development, including the cultivation of various brands’ social media presence.

“Laci has the marketing knowledge and business expertise to guide your business to new heights,” says Xceptional Founder Jeremy Tyler. “We are delighted to have her on the Xceptional Team!”

Excited to put her experiences to work at Xceptional, Laci comments, “I am honored and glowing with pride to be a partner of this grand initiative! I very much look forward to working and collaborating with a panel of experts here at Xceptional! I cannot wait to channel in an Account Director and start working with current and future clients on their growth to success.”

About Xceptional:

Xceptional is an innovative digital agency dedicated to creating the next big brands of this generation. Xceptional’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs and business owners through effective and sustainable digital sales and marketing solutions. For more information on Xceptional, visit or email

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