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Top 3 Recommended Apps – Girl Boss Edition

Whether you’re a CEO, top sales guy of a medium sized company, or a girl boss, these three apps are here to help you execute and deliver on your goals while having a busy day to day life.

Here’s an overview of the apps mentioned:

  1. LastPass

  2. Zoom

  3. Podbean Podcast

1. LastPass

I am sure we’ve all been there.

Sweaty palms. Deep sighs. Head temple rubs with both index and middle finger.

You forgot that required 17 character, one capitalized letter, the rest lowercase, special pound-sign, year and date of some random event – password. And now you’re locked out having to reset it via email (if you even remember that pw as well).

Don’t worry though – your Xceptional ‘Digital’ Girl Boss has you covered and is recommending you install the biggest lifesaver of your life!

Yes, it’s free.

Yes, you can use it on your mobile device too.

LastPass allows you to store passwords (obviously), file in any other significant information (security questions, etc.) and can automatically sync to your frequently used sites that require logins.

This is a better alternative compared to storing all of your security information in the “Notes” page on your phone – Or if you’re old school on the back page of your planner.

Clench those sweaty palms, take that deep breath and never get locked out of an account again.

Without LastPass, I would also never be able to log into the following recommended apps next on the list. 😉

So what are you waiting for?

Download LastPass.


So, you’re busy being a CEO, top sales guy, or a girl boss that needs to attend conference calls, team meetings, and/ or give presentations to an audience.

But there’s one problem.

You’re a few hundred miles away.

I’m guessing you won’t always be able to hop on the next flight to New Jersey to discuss a new project – to then get back on a flight home.

So here’s a simple solution…

Zoom connects you to your team, clients and or vendors with a touch of a button.

It’s like professional FaceTime!

The Basic Personal Meeting Plan is free – but if interested they offer larger packages for advanced features on a month to month basis. (The highest package is $19.99 / month).

You have the option to show everyone your beautiful smile or hide behind your profile picture while laying in bed wearing your pajamas during meetings. (Kidding, I don’t condone that!)

You can use this application on desktop and mobile. (IOS + Android friendly)

You can also connect with others even if they don’t  have a Zoom account which makes it very versatile and effective for both parties.

But anyhow – you get the picture. Near or far, there’s no excuse to miss an important meeting.

3. Podbean Podcast

So I’m sure regardless if you’re a CEO, top sales guy or a girl boss, you enjoy watching a motivational YouTube video or listening to something with viable information on the regular. With your “on-the-go” schedule it can be tough to browse through to find a good listen. That’s why I recommend (drumroll please)…

Podbean Podcast

Podbean Podcast has given me tremendous flexibility for listening to self-development podcasts while living my “oh-so-busy” life.

The features on the app are also set up conveniently so you can easily hit pause and not lose your spot.  The future is pointing in the direction of podcasts – Voice has become very prominent for influencers to scale their message opposed to blogs, YouTube videos and other social media platforms. (Stay tuned for an Xceptional podcast coming soon!)

You also have the option to start your own podcast! The user application is easily set up to use and start recording, posting and promoting your masterpiece in under an hour.

Podbean Podcast is free and user friendly for both Android and IOS applications. There are some monthly fee options for other advanced features, but with my experience so far using the initial “free” version has been plentiful for me.  (There is also no “trial” end date which is super nice!)

You can follow your favorite podcasters and listen to your “play history” making it super convenient for saving your favorite and most valuable pep-talks.

*Bonus* A couple of my favorites…

  1. The Ben Shapiro Show by Ben Shapiro

  2. The MFCEO Project by Andy Frisella

Join Podbean today and let me know what your favorite podcast is!

I highly recommend these three apps as they have been the small tools to get me through big projects on an everyday basis.  They’re handy for jam packed days and just simple hacks to making the business and personal development aspects of your life work seamlessly.

Try them out and let us know what your favorite apps are so the Xceptional team can try them, too!

(This blog was not sponsored- Haha.)

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