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Top 3 Dog Day Care Ownership Tips

Your doggy day care manager, attendants, and staff members should know how important customer service is to this industry. When a potential customer walks through your doors, they will immediately begin making snap judgments about whether or not they can entrust you with their furry family member. This is why it’s so important to put on a super positive front-facing attitude.

Consider what aspects of your business will make you appear as trustworthy as possible to both new and returning customers.

Make Sure Your Website is Optimized for “Dog Day care”

“Dog day care/doggy day care” is entered into Google Search approximately 201,000 times per month. That’s a lot, and it shows that many pet owners are interested in and searching for a dog day care facility in their area. And yours could be just the place for them.

If you want pet owners to discover your website when they’re searching for doggy day care centers on Google, you’ll need to optimize it. Since “dog day care” is a popular search term, you’ll want to have an entire page on your website dedicated to that topic.

Look to place “dog day care” and the name of your town/city in several strategic spots in the page content. One of the cardinal best practices of SEO is having the most highly-searched keyword or key phrase and your town/city.

Update Your Google My Business to Promote Dog Day care

Your website isn’t the only thing that can be optimized to draw attention and potential business to your doggy day care center. Your Google My Business (GMB) profile can also be optimized for certain keywords which will help to position you in front of pet owners searching for dog day care. Also, if you have photos of your day care facility and four-legged guests interacting with your staff, be sure to add those too.

Google Reviews are also an important part of your GMB profile, and the more you have, the better you’ll rank. Ask for positive reviews from satisfied clients whenever possible to get more pet owners interested in your dog day care service. Your clients will be happy to do it if they feel your service was up to par.

Use Social Media to Raise Awareness and Increase Website Traffic

With Facebook, Instagram, and other channels, you create additional references for your day care to be searched. This can boost your local rankings, and provide useful external links to drive more people to your website for higher traffic volume.

If you want to promote your doggy day care well, you’ll need to create posts for social media that show your audience just how awesome it is. Share photos and videos of your day care guests, post client testimonials, and take pet owners on a virtual tour of your day care facility. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Make sure your service offering is top notch, and remember – don’t skimp out on the actual execution aspect. Here are some final best practices to optimize your day to day:

  1. Put customer service first with a friendly, attentive team of staff

  2. Promote your safety and training certifications

  3. Set up an easy, organized grooming appointment scheduling system

  4. Be responsive to customer inquiries, both in-person and remotely

  5. Share updates on pet progress, appointments, and future opportunities

  6. Ask for feedback on customer experiences

Keep these tips in mind in order to stand out from the pack!

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