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The Art of the Holiday Promotion

They say this is the most wonderful time of the year. And for anyone in B2C business, it certainly can be. Consumers are actively in the market, making purchasing decisions at a fast pace and high volume. Naturally, every business wants a piece of the consumer spending pie which makes competition fierce.

Consumers these days, while spending, are much pickier about where their hard-earned income goes during the holiday season. They’ve become savvy shoppers, in-store and online, scouring everywhere for the best deal.

When it comes to winning buyers during the holidays, the power is in the promotion.

Have a buy-worthy sale For businesses where it fits, a sale or promotion can make all the difference in getting holiday shoppers to your website or in your storefront. But it needs to be enticing, something that keeps you profitable but benefits the wallet of your clients.

Now is the time to discount some high-rated items or experiences, discount new items or put aging inventory on clearance. Slashing prices may be contrary to what you think you need to do to sell, but it’s the start of developing a loyal customer base that comes back for more.

Bundle goods To help offset lower prices or to move excess inventory, consider bundling items for a discounted price. Not only does this allow the consumer to get more for their money, but it gives them a chance to experience more of what your business has to offer. After all, what’s better than a 5-star review on one item? A 5-star review on two items.

Limited-time offers Nothing gets holiday shoppers to buy quite like a sense of urgency. When offering sales at your business during the holidays, try some that are only available for a certain amount of time. This sense of exclusivity will cause shoppers to make quicker buying decisions so that they don’t miss out on the offer.

Having limited quantities of items on sale can have the same effect. Shoppers on the fence about their purchase will feel more inclined to make the transaction if they feel they won’t necessarily have another chance at the item at that price. Implementing countdown clocks and reiterating the time of the sale in your marketing tactics will help in building this immediacy.

Market your offers Last, but most certainly not least, you need to market your sales and promotions. Whether through emailing your distribution list, sharing on social media channels, or even putting print ads in catalogs, market your sale. After all, you can’t expect success if consumers don’t know about it in the first place.

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