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How to Develop Content Based on Your Audience

Content creation is all the rage. In fact, content creators are in record-high demand as the age of influencers has greatly impacted how businesses create content and how consumers ingest it. Not all content is right for every audience and to get the most out of your hard work, brands need to take a moment to reflect on what content speaks to their core audience.

Before you bust out the ring light or start drafting a 50-page eBook, follow these tips to get the most impact out of your content.

1. Know who your target audience is Content should be driven by the audience you are targeting. Having a strong understanding of who your brand is designed to serve is imperative for developing content successfully. Based on your audience segmentation, you can use behavioral data and psychographics to help you determine what form of media and content your target audience is consuming.

For example, if your brand is aligned with younger generations then you should consider short-form video content, viral social media trends, or even memes. For professional audiences, consider blogs, eBooks, and even podcasts.

2. Identify the type of content they are most likely to consume Once you know your audience, it’ll be easier to identify which types of content they prefer. Find what your audience likes and build your content around that but make it your own. You want to make sure your brand stands out among the competition.

3. Don’t lead with sales Nobody wants to be “sold” something through content – at least not in an obvious way. Aim to make your content funny, educational, or thought-provoking. It’s easier to make the conversion from audience to client when the consumer feels as though it was their own decision. Plus, content allows you to position your brand as the desirable option through creative outlets – so think outside the box!

4. Promote and share your content where your audience spends their time That awesome TikTok or blog will do you no good if it’s not living when your audience is. If your ideal client is an Instagram user, make sure your video is posted on Reels. And that fantastic article analyzing the industry you serve? Post it on LinkedIn and encourage any employees to share it with their network and beyond. The key is having your content be easily accessible wherever your audience spends their time. This is a great method to build organic engagement, but don’t shy away from paid promotions either.

5. Keep content evergreen Some forms of content are great for jumping on viral trends, by all means, do so. But keep in mind that content creation requires a lot of time and resources, so make sure you get the most out of your efforts by developing content that will be relevant for a while. This will allow your brand to extend the life of your content and even use it to create other forms of content – you can learn more about there here!

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