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Finishing Touch Plus: Before & After

Out With the Old…In With the New

When FTP came to us with a proposal to revamp their website, we gladly accepted. We have seen many cases like theirs in which the website just isn’t creating a following like it should. We have seen many companies with these outdated sites that are struggling with gaining new clients, having poor SEO value and not a large social media following. We took FTP under our wing and evaluated what it was that they wanted to accomplish with a redesign of their website. They felt it important to really advertise and put focus on their services and showcase the work they do. On their old site, there was little visual appeal other than the few images they provided. The style was dated and needed to have some fresh large images to really draw attention to their services and work. Being that the proof of their excellence was in the images of their work, their old site fell short of emphasizing that factor. On most of the pages, we found them to be too cluttered with text, which is not appealing to today’s online viewer.

The visual hierarchy was focused more on the logo and the menu system rather than the content and images. In today’s online audience, it is imperative to create content that is engaging and visually stimulating. We found that although the content on the original site was descriptive and relevant, it was being displayed improperly and we needed to find another solution versus displaying long block paragraphs that described each page.

In our new design, we fixed the issues that were established in the old site. We adjusted the visual hierarchy to focus on imagery, headlines and dynamic elements which in turn created a visually stimulating environment for their page. We also added simple, but effective movement and color effects to boost the visual elements. We enforced tabs for quoting projects and to schedule appointments, and placed them strategically at the head of the page to generate a call to action which in turn increases client retention and interest. On the services and project pages, we placed hero images to draw the attention of the viewer and then incorporated more beautiful imagery of the company’s portfolio to depict the work they do. We replaced blocks of text with interactive buttons and tabs and also added a column to categorize their projects so the customer can search based on their needs. The new site is client based, user friendly, has a clean and cohesive style and is visually intriguing. With these changes, we were able to create a much more positive experience for the customers when they visit the FTP website.

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