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3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Content Marketing

Content is king. A popular quote by Bill Gates that is now the mantra of many marketing teams, and for good reason. Content marketing is essential because it connects a brand or product directly with the customer.

Good content will inform a customer, but great content builds credibility, educates, and inspires a purchase – it produces brand loyalty. As such, comprehensive content plans are vital, but it doesn’t have to mean constantly developing new content month in and month out. In fact, most content can be refreshed and repurposed to extend its life and reduce your effort.

Here are three ways to reuse existing content and connect with customers:

1. Boost/Sponsor content

First, if you’re not posting your content across social media then you’re missing out. You can quickly learn social marketing 101 here. One of the benefits of sharing your content on social – aside from meeting your audience where they already spend their time – is that social platforms have built in mechanisms for sponsoring or “boosting” a post your company page has made.

This allows you to pay money to widen the reach of your specified post containing the content. By reaching a broader audience, you are capturing new consumer attention and further expanding the awareness of your brand and content.

2. Refresh existing content with new insights

Some content is known as evergreen. This means that the information within the piece remains relevant despite the passage of time. Evergreen content is perfect for updating after new research work is done or when new data becomes available around the topic the content covers.

By inserting these new insights, you can effectively refresh the content piece with little effort while providing new value to your customer. You can even toss in some updated creative and then reshare across your blog, social media, email lists, etc. for a quick content win.

3. Change the medium

Have a white paper that is killing it with downloads or a long-form video testimonial that is rich with insights? By simply taking all of that great information and changing the way it is presented to customers is an innovative way to extend the life of the piece.

Break down that video testimonial into bite-size bits and share them across social media. Short-form video platforms like TikTok and Instagram are exploding with business content and many organizations are having wild success. With TikTok being a newer medium to work with – here are some quick tips to get you started there.

Consider that a blog, case study or eBook can be reformatted into an infographic. This allows your customers to digest the same information but in a way that best suits them. After all, not everybody is keen to sit down and flip through 15 pages in an eBook on your service or product – but bite-size chunks of data on a graphic are just as impactful. And all without you needing to reinvent the wheel.

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