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3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Google My Business Page

You might remember the five-pound phone book that your parents or grandparents kept on the desk. Google My Business is the virtual equivalent to the old paper phone books. It helps people find your business when something causes them to need the type of service that your company offers.

The best part of having a Google My Business Page is that it is free and easy to use. More than half of all people asked have used Google to find details like phone numbers, addresses, and hours for local businesses. As a business, you want to make sure that you are easy to find when a customer is looking for you!

Why Do I Need a Google My Business Page?

Here are a few of the most important reasons your business needs a Google My Business page.

Your Business Shows Up in Google Maps

Did you know that when using a mobile device, more than 85% of consumers rely on Google Maps to find local businesses? Therefore, you definitely want to make sure your business is among the results shown in Google Maps!

It is easy to use this tool to also show up in Google Maps. All you have to do is complete the verification process for your Google My Business page. This step will allow your business to show up directly on Google Maps.

It Boosts Your Ranking

By simply registering a free Google My Business page, your local rankings get a boost. You also have a chance to end up in the “local 3 pack.” These are the three businesses you see at the top of the results page and shown on a map when you search Google.

Being in this 3 pack is a huge advantage because it not only makes it easier for potential customers to find out about your business, but it can also get you seven times more clicks than the businesses not listed in the local 3 pack.

It Builds Your Reputation

Especially after the coronavirus pandemic, most people are doing more business online these days. When they search for your business and do not find you among local results or you don’t show up on Google Maps, many people will immediately question your legitimacy. People will opt for businesses that appear in these results because it makes them seem more trustworthy and respected.

Get Your Google My Business Page Now

If you have a business, there is no reason to wait. Get started on your Google My Business Page today so you can start seeing the benefits. Having a Google My Business Page means more people will be able to find you, and that alone will increase your opportunity for sales.

What you may not have considered is that when people find your business using a search engine like Google, they are by nature more qualified leads because they are directly looking for the products or services you offer before they even contact you. So register your page today—you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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