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3 Marketing Lessons Learned from the Barbie Movie

In just three short weeks the Barbie movie amassed an astonishing $1 billion in revenue. Movie-goers are going out in droves, dressed in hot pink and themed outfits, some seeing it more than once. Barbie is much more than a movie, it’s a pop-culture movement influencing the hot “Barbiecore” summer fashion trends, inspiring women across the globe, and providing an outlet for family-friendly political commentary.

So how did they do it? A movie release can’t just expect this type of success, it requires marketing to help build anticipation and an audience. There are a billion things we could learn from the Barbie movie, but the fantastic marketing strategy and tactics put into place cannot be ignored. Here are the three most important takeaways you can extract from Barbie and implement for your brand:

1. Own your brand identity Barbie’s marketing team leaned into the Barbie identity with full force. They leveraged the nostalgia in their creative imagery, right down to the fonts, and captured the quality that inspired many children to dream bigger. Instead of fearing the pro-woman stance and bright colors Barbie is known for, they used it to their advantage. There is something about being unapologetically true to your brand that will reinforce your mission to your target audience. Embrace the qualities that your clients love about your brand and bring it to the forefront.

2. Seek out collaborations Everywhere you go this summer, there is something with Barbie branding. From clothes, bedding, paper products, and more – there is no escaping the summer of Barbie. Every brand wanted to be involved with the cultural movement and partnered with Mattel to bring the collaborations to life.

While collaboration may not be as easy to come by for a growing brand, opportunities are out there. Seek out like-minded businesses that bring a new, but appropriate, audience to your brand. This tactic isn’t new, as fast food restaurants have seen great success in partnering with celebrities for specific meal combinations – maybe now is the best time to consider influencer marketing.

3. Create an experience not a sale At the core of it, the marketing team behind the Barbie movie sold an experience, not a movie. It was about reuniting with your childhood, confronting the uglier side of society, banding together with others to form a community, and finding a way to come out better on the other side.

This is easier said than done but remember that your brand is not just about creating sales. Developing an immersive experience through collaborations, community engagement, and viral tech trends can allow you to become more than just a boutique, more than just a doggy daycare, etc. Find what makes your brand unique and allow that to inspire strategy that goes outside the (toy)box.

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