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The ultimate hub for family entertainment center (FEC) owners, operators, and GMs dedicated to skyrocketing their sales and expanding their customer base. Our vibrant community offers a wealth of resources tailored to the unique needs of FEC businesses.

Be a Pioneer - Join FEC Galaxy Before It Launches!

Transform your FEC into a thriving, profitable, and beloved destination in your community! Sign up today to get notified when we go live.

Members gain exclusive access to:


Expert-Led Workshops

Learn cutting-edge marketing strategies, operational tactics, and customer service excellence from industry leaders.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with other FEC owners, share experiences, and form valuable partnerships.



Customized Marketing Playbooks

Utilize our specialized playbooks designed specifically for FECs to drive more traffic and increase revenue.

Real-Time Support

Get answers to your pressing questions and practical advice from a community of peers and professionals who understand your challenges.


Innovative Tools and Resources

Stay ahead with access to the latest tools, technology solutions, and research to enhance your business operations and guest experiences.


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