The Point Retreats Rebranding, eCommerce & Website Redesign

When Christa Rymal first came to Xceptional in 2017 she had a vision to carry on her father’s legacy and the life-changing moments experienced at their family’s beautiful property of over 30-years. The vision was to turn the inspirational land into a healthy lifestyle retreat center called The Point.


Phase 1: Branding & eCommerce

We started creating the brand by delving into its Native American background and applying it to the name and creative direction. The outcome was a logo that incorporated both the name and the heritage.

We then moved to build the first version of the website on Joomla. Which at the beginning had a very basic Events management booking system that achieved MVP (minimum viable product) but this would be something that we would improve on as the business’s needs became clear and the model was solidified.


Phase 2: Retreat Management CRM Solution Implementation

In phase 2 of the project, we conducted solution research and implemented a solution called to simplify the management of customer information, payments, and facilitate easier online bookings. This replaced the first iteration of our eCommerce system in its entirety.


Phase 3: Website Redesign, Custom Plugin Development, and eCommerce

Shortly after the implementation of the CRM solution, we sought out to redesign the website and integrate the website with via their API.


Our team designed and developed the end product that you see here in late 2019 – early 2020 in WordPress. The seamless integration with was done by creating a custom plugin in WordPress that would pull the retreat database into the site via seamless integration. This provides a continuous brand experience on the site and makes it all feel as if it were one system.

Once we completed the core site and integration, our team designed and developed the eCommerce aspects of the site on top of Woocommerce.

The End product is absolutely spectacular.

  • CLIENT The Points Retreat
  • YEAR 2020
  • WE DID Branding, Website Design, CRM, eCommerce
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