RizeUp Fitness


Amy Keskin came to us with an existing brand that needed some updating. Her goal was to expand her business by creating an online and social media presence. Her brand materials were lacking and had reached their potential without any opportunities to grow.


As a team, we decided that doing a complete re-branding for Amy would aid her in the best way. We went through a renaming process to simplify her existing vision and created a logo and branding system that spoke to her industry and direction she saw her company to go. Along with re-branding, we also launched a brand new website for Amy that incorporated an ecommerce feature which allowed for clients of Amy’s to purchase training sessions online. We also put RizeUp on all social media platforms to start building a more rewarding online presence to compliment the website.

Xceptional developed a brand that more successfully speaks to the fitness market and the clean look of simplicity. By the use of bold colors and standout typography and icons, RizeUp can now stand apart from the competitive market of fitness. We have created a brand that not only includes empowering imagery and messaging, but also a trustworthiness and fluid theme that appeals to all different markets of people


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