BelleAmiss Rebranding

When Rachel, the founder of BelleAmiss, came to us, she was originally looking for a new website. During our discovery session, we identified that her current brand and long-term vision were not aligned. So we decided to go with a full-on rebrand! 

In our naming session, Rachel wanted her brand to speak to embracing your beautiful imperfections. This set the tone for our rebrand from Ray and Grace Photography to BelleAmiss (Belle – a beautiful girl or woman, especially the most beautiful at a particular event or in a particular group. + Amiss – not quite right.).

For the logo, we wanted to capture the brand’s core messaging while also capturing aspects of Rachel’s fun viverant energy. Using a loopy script logo to depict the playful nature of Rachel’s photography practice. While at the same time creating a font pairing that keeps the brand style fun but also modern and down to earth.

In the brand design, we used a colorful scheme with a geometric shape solution in order to bring a bright, fun, and charismatic personality to the audience. Meanwhile, the jewel tones keep the visuals in tune and sophisticated.

The website was a continuation of the initial portions of the project, with an emphasis on a beautifully designed blog. The end outcome is truly spectacular!

  • CLIENT BelleAmiss
  • YEAR 2021
  • WE DID Branding, Website Design
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